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"Void Momentous"

Philosophy, Ethics, and Theoretical Physics explored in chapter and verse over 8,268 words (77 pages). This provides no proofs only conjecture and theorem for deep discussion and interpretation.

$8.84 Trade Paperback at > Lulu, Barnes&Noble, Amazon

$3.49 Ebook at > NOOK, Kindle

Free PDF file > Download

"Wanderlust" Postcard Series

A simple collection of postcards featuring photographic works by James Huston.

$1.91 at > deviantART Store

"Winter Gambit" Micro-Boardgame

Like the classic Stratego game but with elements of Poker.

$5.99 at > The Game Crafter

Computer Game Version > Free on Steam

"Screenplay Tool"

Simple formatting tool for Microsoft Word so anyone can easily and cheaply produce scripts in the correct manner.

Free Download > Word Document

"Collected Works" eBook

A collections of 66 poems, 27 short stories, and 2 novellas by author James B. Huston.

$5.99 for > Kindle, Nook

"Plasma Sword Socks"

Very uncomfortable novelty item. Now cute couples can play footsie to the death!

Overpriced at $14.99 > Silky Socks

"Death Wish"

A typical top-down scroller that was made for a Middle School Science Fair.

Free Download > Zip File

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