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With all the tentative release dates for films one can hardly be blamed for overlooking the release of Tenet on September 3rd. As badly as I wish to see another intellectual crowd pleasing blockbuster thriller I much much prefer the intellectual solitude of relative safety; quarantine. I'm part of the high-risk population, and haven't contracted Covid yet so a trip to the theater for a cinematic experience is not considered essential.

We all still have cravings for the movies, and some of us even want alternatives to Tenet. I've been binge watching older films recently as well as the earlier works of other directors. A 29 year old Christopher Nolan directed an hour long feature film called Following that serves as an early masterpiece for the budding director. With characters and elements that would later be used in other films like Memento and Insomnia, Following delivers a memorable thrill ride for all looking to be both entertained and intellectually stimulated.

I also love shots like this. We see the youth of the actors, feels like a college film (but it's brilliant), and there is a geeky display that now foreshadows Nolan's Rise. Many other directors of note had notable early work in their 20's. George Lucas made several short films, one in particular was of a first person race car experience and hinted at his capacity for high speed tension that we would later see in Star Wars pod racing as well as a very memorable speeder chase scene on Coruscant. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind director Michel Gondry has a collection of early work on dvd that includes very inventive music videos.

and, I could go on and on... These are just casual blogs though. Also there are probably too many early works by great directors to name or find them all.

Watch Following

Christopher Nolan Discusses "Following"

Tenet Trailer

The Work of Mitchel Gondry DVD

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